I’m Carlee Hebert and I’m a student in Dr. Plothe’s COMM 230 at Texas A&M.  This class introduces us to interactive media and teaches us media literacy skills in the digital domain. We also look at technology histories, standards, and markets for industries such as multichannel TV, digital radio, video games, streaming media, epublishing, teleconferencing and social networking. This class is extremely interesting as it covers topics and skills that are pertinent to my career path. For example, many of the skills I am learning in this class I have used or will use in my internship at TexAgs.

During class, we discuss the readings over the topics listed above and, at the end of each week, we make a blog post about the topic. Each of my posts can be found under ‘Blog’. Each week, we also have a new project using a different software. All of these projects can be found under ‘Portfolio’.